Double Room "Copate e Ricciarelli"

Copate e Ricciarelli

In this room and it's furniture you will find the typical color of "Copate and Ricciarelli": white and black, with a view on the city walls and on the old olive trees garden.

Double Room "Cantucci e Cavallucci"

Cantucci e Cavallucci

The brown and golden tones of these typical sweets, are the features for this refined bedroom where you will appreciate the period style and the view on the walls.

Triple Room "Panforte e Panpepati"

Panforte e Panpepati

In these rooms (double + single) the intense colors of these unique sweets dominate. From the private balcony, you can enjoy the view of the valley and the walls connecting Porta Romana to Porta Pispini.